Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mt. Nungkok

Mount. Nungkok was located at Kg. Tambatuon, Kota Belud, Sabah. 30KM from Kota Belud town will be open this 24 June 2017 for a new trail of hiking. Hikers will experience a new kind of journey which promise you more suprises.

Mt. Nungkok was operated by Tambatuon Eco Tourism Community. The Chairman, Willvitan Sumbin 33, have a vision for this village and he can see the big potential for this village to the future tourism excitement.

Mt. Nungkok 1652 m, is under the Sabah Parks reserved junggle and already permited by them for three years period contract are new challenge for all the hikers arroud the world to get a new record or for hobby purpose.

What is intresting about this mountain is, you are not going to get bored to climbing up there. It is because of the view at the peak. The peak has a very great view which is you can see the new perspective of the Mt. Kinabalu. You can see the waterfall nearby and the village surrounded the mountain. But the problem is, this is simmilar to the Hanging Babylon. The cloud is covered all over the peak and it make us to hard for see the real outlook. If you were lucky, you will experience the scene at least 10 second time. I been there twice and unlucky, i never get a chance to have a selfie with the Mount. Kinabalu.

There is an another attraction here. The Rafflesia flower. The big flower known all over the world is live at the surface of the Mt. Nungkok. The 'periuk kera' and so many other type of orchid also seen along the trail. The big tress and the other species of nature. Don't forget about the wild animals. As long as i know, the panther, binturong, bear, boar, deer, and so many species of birds also located here.

To get here is easy. It was only 65 KM from Kota Kinabalu. Normally, tourist always pick Tamparulli - Ranau road for the shorter distance. Tambatuon Eco Tourism was appointed Kinabalu Express & Tours Sdn Bhd to manage thier booking and reservation. You can also book from any third party or individual at the same price as the appointed travell agent. 

This are the numbers you may intrested to call :

Holly : 016 8126979 (KETSB Agent)

Allexius : 01118816987 (KETSB Agent)

Xavier : 019 5183874 (KETSB Agent)

Shino : 011 16021101 (KETSB Agent)

Max : 014 5589545 (Cafe / Transport)

Mt. Nungkok and Mt.Nopungguk a both side of Mt. Kinabalu.
Mt. Nungkok seen from Kg. Bongol, Jln. Tamparuli.
The paady field at the feet of the mountain.
Jewel Orchid or scientific name is Ludisia Discolor Ambrosia.
Wild Begonia Species.
Kg. Tambatuon from the Nungkok view.

The first female conqueered the peak of Mt. Nungkok.
First team to the peak of Mt. Nungkok was not really officially but still the first team. Tambatuon Runners Club (TRC). It's for post motem purpose and flagging.


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